Please consider the following points when you are completing the assessment:

  • Start the assessment when you are alert and free from interruptions.
  • Complete the assessment from a work perspective as the assessment is designed to throw light on your work style and personal competencies.
  • Try to be as discriminating as possible by using the full range of options on the 5-point response scale.
  • Avoid trying to select responses that you think will present you in the most favorable light. There are checks built into the assessment to assess the candor and consistency of your responses.
  • You will be able to download your feedback report, and/or have the report emailed to you, immediately after you have completed the assessment.
  • We will inform once you have completed the assessment. They will make arrangements for you to receive feedback.


  • We need to have the following information about you, before you start the assessment.
    This information is being requested here as the account administrator had chosen to skip this step at the time of assigning this assessment to you.


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