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Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (EIQ16)

Over 70,000 people have taken our emotional intelligence assessments


 The purpose of this test is to:

- increase your understanding of your own and other people's feelings and emotions

- give you an idea of your current EI level compared to others

- improve your ability to manage and make the most of your feelings and emotions

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Technical Specification


Emotional intelligence is a set of acquired skills and competencies that predict positive outcomes at home, in school, and at work. People who possess these are healthier, less depressed, more productive at work, are higher earners, and have better relationships.

What the test measures

The EIQ16 measures 16 emotional competencies covering the ability to accurately perceive emotions in oneself and others, use emotions to facilitate thinking, understand emotional meanings, and manage emotions. For information about the reliability and validity of the test, click here...

Theory behind the test

The test is based on the emotional intelligence model of John Mayer and Peter Salovey. Mayer and Salovey have defined emotional intelligence as an ability to recognize the meanings of emotion and their relationships, and to reason and problem-solve on the basis of them.

Who your responses are
compared with

Your responses are compared with an international comparison group of over 40,000 people who have taken the test. The average age of the group is 36, and the group includes working people from a wide range of occupations and managers of all levels.

What the report covers

Your report provides an assessment of your overall emotional intelligence, your profile on the 4 key ability areas, and your scores on each of the 16 emotional competency scales (8 pages). Sample report...

How long the test takes

15-20 minutes.

What the test costs

$19.95 USD.

Test standards

This test meets the key standards for reliability and validity of a modern psychometric instrument set out in the EFPA review criteria. See test catalogue for details.

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