• 1
    Assess Yourself

    You assess yourself against twenty five competency dimensions and complete a form with personal details about yourself.

  • 2
    Select Assessors

    You select a group of up to ten people who know your work and whose judgment and advice you trust to assess your performance at work. You complete a form with their names and email addresses and you decide how much time to give them to complete their assessments of you. Please take care when typing email addresses as your raters will not get your email if the email address is spelt incorrectly.

  • 3
    Others Assess You

    We email your assessors inviting them to complete a short questionnaire assessing your management and leadership performance and inviting them to provide performance improvement suggestions. We send reminders to those who have not responded half way into the process.

  • 4
    Analysis and Feedback

    We analyze everyone's responses and generate your feedback report showing whether other people see yourself the same way that you do. We also provide tips and suggestions made by the assessors on how you might improve your performance.

  • 5
    Start Process

    Click on the button below to start the process by paying for your survey. When you have completed the payment process, you will receive an email from us with a link to complete your self-assessment and identify the people you want to assess you.