Specialists in Assessment

MySkillsProfile specializes in the delivery of online personality and behavioral style assessment tests. We have been operating for over 10 years, and we have clients around the world in business, government, education, and health care. Here are 6 reasons why we think you should choose us to help you assess and develop your people.

1   Range

We have a strong product range with instruments covering personality, motivation, emotional intelligence, leadership, sales, and sport. We offer a customizable 360-degree feedback assessment. We are the only online publisher to offer a sport personality assessment that provides a rich picture of an athlete’s personality and mental skills in the round.

2   Reports

Our feedback reports are designed to help predict performance and help develop potential. They focus on candidate strengths and areas of limitation. Reports are comprehensive but not overly long and contain links to downloadable development guides giving practical tips for learning and performance improvement.

3   Quality

Our instruments meet test standards and guidelines (for example, covering reliability, validity, and norms) issued by the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA). Our main instruments have been reviewed by the Buros Center for Testing and/or main the British Psychological Society’s Psychological Testing Centre (PTC).

4   Materials

We provide free access to a comprehensive set of materials for each assessment product. You can download the user manual, an example feedback report, and a test-taker preparation guide from this site. You can also view a short PowerPoint presentation about each assessment which is held on YouTube.

5   Technology

We have developed an efficient and effective assessment testing platform that has shown itself to be secure, reliable, and easy to use. We do not sell or share data with anyone, and we operate in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation, the European Union’s data protection law.

6   Pricing

You will find that our assessment products are priced very competitively. You pay for tests as you use them. We do not charge for test documentation and there are no annual license fees or certification costs. We provide free trials to potential corporate clients who wish to try out our platform and assessments to help decide whether to buy.