How Our Service Works

We provide a flexible, reliable, and secure online assessment service that is hosted on the stable and secure Linux hosting platforms of Intertune. This is how it works.

1   Open Account

You place an order with us by filling in our online order form with the name and email address of your account administrator. You enter the quantity of assessments you require, select the feedback report handling service to meet your needs, and indicate how you want to be notified when assessments have been taken. You pay for your order by credit card, and once the payment process has been completed, we send an email with your account access details to the account administrator.

2   Customize Appearance

We offer a private label feature so that you can have the name of your company and logo in place of ours. You can do this yourself within your account or ask us to do it for you. Your logo will appear on our assessment screens and your company name will appear on our feedback reports.

3   Invite Candidates

The simplest way to issue invitations to candidates is to enter the name and email address of each candidate and click Submit. Our system will send a standard email along with a link to do the assessment. If you wish to send a tailored email to a group of candidates, there is the option to create a single generic link for the group: you create and send out the email using your own email provider inserting the link into your email.

4   Monitor Completions

You can configure your account to receive email notifications telling you that candidates have completed their assessments. Or you can turn this feature off and monitor responses by logging in to your account and seeing who has completed assessments.

5   Manage Feedback

Feedback reports in PDF format are generated as soon as candidates have completed their assessments. You can configure your account to allow candidates to see their own reports, or you can restrict access to reports and distribute them yourself to candidates at a later date.

6   File Reports

You will have access to candidate reports within your account for a period of 120 days from the completion date. Candidate data is anonymized after this period, so you need to download PDF files onto your own system if you need to have continuing access to reports.


The table below shows the prices (USD) of our personality and behavioral style self-assessment tests and our 360 degree feedback survey. All our self-assessment tests are charged at the same price with discounts for larger volumes.

1 1-20 19.95 59.95
2 21-50 18.95 54.95
3 51-75 17.95 49.95
4 76-100 16.95 44.95
5 101-200 15.95 39.95
6 Over 200 14.95 34.95

Qualification Guidance

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that testing is administered competently following country qualifications. MySkillsProfile advises that test users should read the user manuals and other documentation that can be downloaded from this site for free before administering assessments. Reviews of our premium assessments have been carried out by and can be purchased from the Buros Centre for Testing and/or the British Psychological Society’s Psychological Testing Centre. These will help you make informed decisions about the relevance and application of our assessments. MySkillsProfile does not collect information about customer education and qualifications nor require customers to submit evidence of their education and qualifications before purchasing assessments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a secure site for purchases?

Yes. We work with (2CO) who is the payment processor for over 20,000 global online businesses. 2CO provides 24/7 phone support for payment related issues.

How long does it take to set up my account?

Your account will be ready to use within a few minutes of completing payment. You will get an email from us with your login information. You will also get a payment confirmation email from 2CO.

Do your offer a private label service?

Yes. You can set up your account so that your clients see your company name and logo in place of ours on our testing screens and reports.

How long does it take to produce the results of an assessment?

Feedback reports are available within a few minutes of candidates completing assessments.

Can I try out your service for free?

Yes. We offer free trials to potential corporate clients or existing clients who want to try out an assessment they have not used before.

Can I request a refund?

Fees are based on assessments purchased and not actual usage. All assessments are non-cancellable and fees are non-refundable after online assessment commences.

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