MySkillsProfile is committed to ensuring that privacy of data provided by users is protected. We do not share, sell, rent, or trade any personal or customer information collected through our sites with third parties.

Our Range of Products

MySkillsProfile offers behavioral style self-assessments and 360-degree feedback surveys.

MySkillsProfile Users

MySkillsProfile has three categories of user:

  1. Individual Users
  2. Corporate Account Administrators
  3. Corporate Users

Individual Users are visitors to our website who complete one of our tests and pay for the assessment results themselves. These users have limited direct access to their test-results and do not have any log-in access.

Corporate Account Administrators (the Administrator) are those who administer an account on the MySkillsProfile platform in order to carry out assessments/surveys with groups of test-takers. 

The Administrator is normally either a member of an organization’s HR Department or a self-employed consultant. The creation of an account requires that the client identifies the Administrator to manage the assessments available under their account. 

While the Administrator is a single person, it is possible that the email address of the Administrator is accessible to more than one person in the customer organization. 

The Administrator can invite test takers individually or create a generic-login for a group of test-takers.

MySkillsProfile offers a White Label service enabling customers to brand assessment screens and feedback reports with their organization name and logo.

Corporate Users are test-takers who have been invited by the Administrator to access and complete the assessments available in their account.

Information We Collect

Core Personal Data - Name and Email address.

Additional Personal Data - Test-taker’s current management level for certain assessments. In case of the 360-degree survey, the relationship of the assessor to the assessee is required, e.g., manager, direct report, peer.

Research Data - Optional biographic and demographic details such as age, gender, country of origin. This data supports our research.

Assessment Item Data - The test-taker’s responses to the items in an assessment.

Results Data - Test taker scores generated by our automated analytical processes.

Purpose of Collection of Personal Data

Personal data is collected for the following purposes:

Data Life Cycle

Individual Users of all the self-assessments are required to supply Core and Additional Personal Data only at the end of the assessment.

The Administrator, when inviting an individual test-taker, is required to provide the test-taker’s Personal Data in advance. If the Administrator creates a generic-login for a group of test-takers, the test-taker is required to provide the Personal Data before the assessment can be initiated.

In case of the 360-degree feedback survey, Personal Data for assessors invited for their feedback is either provided by the assessee or the Administrator

MySkillsProfile ensures that all Personal Data available in our database are automatically anonymized after 120 days from the completion of the assessment by the test-taker. 

MySkillsProfile reserves the right to retain all other forms of data (Additional Data, Research Data, Assessment Data, Results Data) in our database for our research and development, for example, to update norms and publish evidence about the technical properties of our assessments.

The feedback reports for all our assessments are generated dynamically using on-the-fly methods with the help of all the data collected. It is important for all users of MySkillsProfile to understand that feedback reports are available only for 120 days from the date of completion of the assessment.

Data Access

MySkillsProfile anonymizes the Personal Data 120 days from the completion of the assessment.

During this 120 days period:

For Individual Users, only MySkillsProfile staff have access to all the data supplied by the test-taker. The feedback report is accessible only by the test-taker and MySkillsProfile staff. MySkillsProfile staff access feedback reports only when test-takers ask us to email their reports to them or when they ask for help interpreting their results. 

For Corporate Users, only MySkillsProfile staff have access to all the data supplied by the test-taker. The Administrator has access to the feedback reports. Access to feedback reports is controlled by the Administrator who decides whether test-takers get their results as soon as they have completed an assessment or whether they are distributed at the same time. 

In specific situations, MySkillsProfile shares the detailed data collected with the Administrator, e.g., where a customer wishes to create a group report, or where a customer wishes to carry out a training needs analysis. 


Use of assessment and profiling in recruitment and development is governed by local or regional regulations and informed by guidance from professional bodies and by national and international best practice.

For example, in the European Union (EU), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) places obligations on how organizations using online assessment and profiling services handle and store personal data.

Under GDPR, individuals in the EU have a range of rights including the right to be informed about how their data is being used, the right to obtain access to their data, and the right to have their data erased.

Clients who use our products for assessment and profiling are responsible for ensuring that the way their Administrators use online assessment and profiling in their organizations conforms to regulations such as the GDPR and individual rights such as to access, amendment, and erasure are met.

MySkillsProfile is not responsible for the use of assessment information by clients. MySkillsProfile does not monitor or review how clients use assessment and profiling in their organizations, and MySkillsProfile is not responsible for the privacy practices of clients.

Subject Access Request Form

You can access our Subject Access Request form here. Please complete this form if you want to know whether MySkillsProfile holds any information about you.